Vista Speed Secret 1

Turn-Off User Account control (UAC)

Now, there’s a lot of talk about the new User Account Control policy in Vista, and all I can say is that it annoys the heck out of 99% of users and slows down normal computer usage . To turn it off, the easiest way is to:

1. Click the Start (Windows) button
2. Select the Control Panel
3. Type in ‘ UAC ‘ into the search bar
4. It’ll bring up a search result o f ‘ Turn User Account Control
(UAC) on or off ’

5. Just follow the prompts from there

Much better, eh? You might say ‘but what’s that got to do with speed?’ It prompts you at least a couple times an hour and then takes several seconds to fig ure itself out. Without the se annoying prompts , your productivity goes up, so therefore it’s a speed enhancer.


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