Speed Secrets Microsoft Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Simple Ways to Increase the Performance of your Windows XP or Vista PC in 5 Minutes or Less.

Most people don't think much about their hard drives unless the computer crashes or another problem occurs. But you shouldn't worry about keeping your computer running smoothly only when something goes wrong. Regular maintenance can prevent trouble before it starts. Here are some hints for maintaining your system in top form.

Certain basic computer maintenance and housekeeping chores need to be done by all home PC users. Procedures are discussed for this basic task.

A large fraction of the population now uses a computer at home. Unfortunately, large numbers of these home users do not seem to understand that a computer is a high-maintenance device that demands much more routine care than the usual household appliances. Also, many home users are unwilling or unable to spend the time and effort required to learn some elementary knowledge about how computers function. There is no question that many ordinary home PC users would benefit greatly from just a modicum of basic knowledge on the subject but I also know from experience that there is a lot of inertia and considerable reluctance to learn that basic knowledge.


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